1. Overview

Doctor project is nothing else but a framework of fault management and maintenance. The biggest problem currently is the gaps of OpenStack that is chose to be the VIM in Doctor and the process of choosing/analyzing the suitable monitoring tools that are able to fit the requirements of Doctor.

  1. Doctor Functionalites:

They may affect to a VNF/application and the Customer should ASAP react to the failures, e.g., by switching to the STBY mode. With the app supported by HA, the impact is so serious, how much the network service is impacted by the failures depends on how the service is implemented.

OpenStack is the target upstream of VIM where the new functional elements (Controller, Notifier, Monitor and Inspector) are expected to implemented. Some of these elements may sit outside of OpenStack and offer a northbound interface to the OpenStack.

  1. General Features in Doctor:

These features are processed in sequence from the top to the bottom. The time interval from the step1 to step4 is less than 1s..

  1. VIM Interfaces
  1. VIM South-bound interface

There is no south-bound interface that defines the generic format of data models that caught from monitoring solutions. Each monitoring solution results the different data formats, especially the 3rd party solutions such as zabbix, Nagios, Munin, etc.

In our current vanilla OpenStack (as a VIM), there is no any interface that communicates with 3rd party monitoring solutions.

  1. VIM North-bound Interface

VIM has to notify the user about the unavailability of resources triggered by NFVI. VIM accepts the message from admin and marks the affected resources. The problem (gap) is that VIM user can not get the maintenance notification.

  1. Doctor Design Proposal in Fault management

General design:

Cooperation with OpenStack components:

By this option, it needs to follow the architecture of OpenStack to make other components then can internally interact each other.

    1. Monitor:


    1. Controller:


    1. The Inspector:


    1. Notifier:



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